As students head back to campuses across the country, they will be making a lot of decisions, from the major What classes should I take? to the mundane, Where can I find the best bagels? And for many, one of those decisions will be, How many credit cards should I have? Its not a theoretical question. In fact, making the right choice here can impact students finances for many years to come.

Thats because a credit card, used well, can provide a valuable and long-lasting credit reference. But screw it up and you will pay the price for a long time.

Responsible students can benefit from getting a credit card before they graduate from college. Doing so allows them to build a credit...

Loans can be costlier in the long run, but lump sum companies like Secure Horizon Settlements offer Structured Settlement Recipients and Lottery Prize Winners the opportunity to leverage money they are due in the future to settle their debts now.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

Secure Horizon Settlements, a trusted lump sum company in the financial services industry, wants to put out a statement offering their assistance to structured settlements recipients and lottery winners who find themselves in debt or sudden need of a large lump sum of money. It can be tempting to use a payday or title loan service, but these types of companies often charge high interest rates and can cause...

Global Competitiveness Challenge: Something for every doomsday

When he lectures on what he calls “The Global Competitiveness Challenge”, Arturo Bris’ catalogue of eight risk potentials offers a flavor of world-changing doom for every taste. That does not mean the risks are fictitious; they are all too real.

A stock market crisis
For skeptics on the ability of investors and markets to overcome patterns of value destruction: long term trends suggest that the next stock market crisis is due to start in April 2015 and last for 11 months, with the usual negative impacts on economies all around, says Bris.

A Chinese banking crisis
For critics of the globalized...

But two recent $100,000 contributions from former grocer Barney Gottstein have¬†nearly¬†doubled its fundraising and extended its reach to the media, formerly the exclusive province of industry-led “no” groups. Gottstein had previously given $74,000 to the “yes” campaign.

“There’s a dog in the fight now,” said David Gottstein, one of Barney Gottstein’s sons and a steering committee member of Vote Yes! Repeal the Giveaway.

“Now we can finally run the whole two-pronged campaign,” added TJ Presley, the Vote Yes! campaign manager. “We’ve been doing ground game, ground game, ground game — nothing...

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says taking out its debt management cell to form a separate body could compromise the effectiveness of monetary policy.

There is a strong case for continuance of the present system of the central bank managing (government) debt, said Deputy Governor H R Khan earlier this week in Bangalore.

He said the significant impact of government borrowing on the broader interest rate structure and, therefore, on the monetary transmission process in financial markets makes it a critical component of macroeconomic management. In such a scenario, central bank involvement in managing the market volatility and market expectations arising out of government debt...

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Dear Dr. Don,

Im interested in buying some land. I want to know what type of loan would be best for this. What is the name of such loans for land purchases? I will have money to use as a down payment, at least the required percentage anyway. How do I go about finding the best interest rate for a land loan? The amount I want to borrow is about $80,000.

- Rachel Rancher

Dear Rachel,

For lenders, land loans are riskier because the loans collateral, the property, isnt being used for housing, at least in the near term. That makes it easier for an owner to walk away and leave the lender stuck with the land. Because of that risk, down payments and interest rates are higher...

Dear Dr. Don,

I am receiving a large settlement from a mesothelioma wrongful death suit that my father filed before his death. Id like to make sure that I invest this money effectively. Where do I begin?

Thank you,

- Rhonda Recompense

Dear Rhonda,

Im sorry that you lost your father to this disease.

A good first step is to work with an accounting professional to determine the potential tax implications arising from the settlement. Some forms of compensation in a mesothelioma settlement may be taxable income, while other compensation can be tax-free. Lets hope it is more of the latter.

Your next step is to ask yourself what you want to accomplish...

People on the east side of Phoenix might not know much about Avondale, for example, but they likely have heard of former Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers, who grew up in a family of farmworkers. After assuming the mayors post in 2006, Rogers became president of the National League of Cities, attending events at the White House. Rogers is now running for a seat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

During her nearly 20-year tenure as mayor, former Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs put a spotlight on Glendale with bold and controversial moves that reverberate today.

She landed a National Hockey League team, National Football League team, an arena, a Cactus League stadium and University...