ATLANTA — Less than an hour after Jack Kingston conceded the Republican Senate primary to David Perdue, Michelle Nunns campaign was pushing to November. I couldnt be prouder of everything that Michelle and our grassroots team have already accomplished, but with the head-to-head matchup finally here, its about to kick into overdrive, campaign manager Jeff DiSantis wrote.

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STORY : Perdue defeats Kingston in Georgia Senate runoff

By Wednesday morning, baseball legend Hank Aaron was pushing for a money bomb.

In baseball, every hit matters. The big ones, the little ones — they all add up to a chance for your...

State Rep. Joe Carr lent a company affiliated with a prominent supporter $200,000 in campaign funds last year — a transaction that campaign finance experts said appears to be extremely unusual.

Life Watch Pharmacy, a Nashville company led by venture capitalist and conservative fundraiser Andrew Miller, was given the sum last year and paid it back this spring, the Carr campaign said Tuesday after updating filings with the Federal Election Commission. The campaign, Joe Carr for Senate, received $9,564.54 in income off the loan.

Campaign finance records show that Miller gave a total of $5,200 in contributions to Carr for the 2014 election cycle last June, the maximum allowed.


Remember when Notre Dame and Texass television deals with NBC Sports and the Longhorn Network were going to revolutionize college athletics? So much for that. Over twenty years ago, way back in 1991, Notre Dame signed a contract to carry Irish games on NBC Sports. It was a breathtaking college sports deal in a marketplace when cable was still not dominant. Rather than join a conference Notre Dame decided to go it alone and reap all the benefits of its television rights without having to share that deal with anyone. There was talk that many other programs would follow the Irish lead. Back in 1991 it seemed like the Fighting Irish were in a revolutionary position, banking more...

Remember how the open source software movement was supposed to be like Woodstock, with everybody sharing and everything free? An entire economy where you gave a little to get a lot, in a place of love and software?

At the risk of bringing down your summer, it’s time to admit that this idea didn’t work out.

Take Big Switch Networks, a company that hoped to be for computer networking what Linux operating system software is for computer servers. A few years ago, Big Switch proposed building networking controller software that was crowd-created and free, which could demolish proprietary networking boxes. It would also offer a commercial version, with a few tweaks, that...

Working in a bank for many years, I witnessed numerous situations where people quickly became crazed after not getting what they wanted as it pertained to money. Even in calmer situations, people often act differently from their usual selves when a money challenge comes up. Of course, you dont have to work in a bank to witness the craziness that money brings to life.

Consider the time a dinner check came when you had a small salad and a soda while others in your group had full course meals and several drinks yet it was expected for everyone to split the tab equally even though you just got laid off from your job. Or perhaps it was a long drive with friends and no one offered to share...

Fifth in a continuing series

NEW ORLEANS – From the major multinational oil companies to small independent operators, rivers of campaign contributions have flowed to the state Capitol.

To highlight the industrys influence on Gov. Bobby Jindal, a consortium of environmental groups last year tallied more than $1 million in campaign donations from 231 oil interests that have fattened the governors war chest over the past 10 years.

The groups announced their findings at a press conference that featured a dancing puppet decorated to look like Jindal.

Anne Rolfes, director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, said Jindal received an average $4,000 from each company...

Baku-APA. 21 years have passed since the invasion of Armenian armed forces in the Azerbaijans Aghdam region.

APA reports that Azerbaijans Aghdam region was occupied by the units of Armenian armed forces on July 23, 1993. 1154 sq m territory of Azerbaijanlsquo;s Aghdam region went into the control of Armenia as a result of occupation. Azerbaijan controls only 22,6 % of Aghdam with a population of 147,000. Armenians destroyed the historical monuments, cemeteries, hospitals, libraries, schools, offices and facilities in the occupied territory. More than 6 thousands Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in battles for Aghdam. About 130 000 displaced persons from Aghdam were...

Not long ago, Vince was just a regular guy living a regular life until one day, his wife started staying up late preferring the company of Dave Ramsey to him.

Before he knew it, he found himself conforming his life to Ramseys gospel as well. And then Vince realized he wanted to buy an acoustic guitar, but that didnt jibe with his Ramsey lifestyle — unless he sold his guitar amp. And so he posted this hilarious classified ad to sell his amp and lament how Dave Ramsey had ruined his life.

As he says in his ad:

You see, I could make half a million...

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What is the maximum annual amount a person can receive from Social Security at age 66 and at age 70?

- Bill Henry, Knoxville, Tenn.

For a worker who retires at full retirement age (FRA) in 2014, his or her maximum benefit would be $2,642 monthly and $31,704 annually. If the worker retires at age 70 in 2014, his or her maximum benefit would be $3,425 monthly and $41,100 annually.

Note: If you were born from 1943 to 1960, the age at which full retirement benefits are payable increases gradually to age 67. For instance,...