Today in dark money, legislative races are getting funds from groups that dont name their donors. Thats nearly $70,000 being spent to influence elections without the public (or the benefiting candidate) having any idea who is supplying the funding.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is targeting Republican lawmakers who voted for Medicaid expansion last year, and is supporting newcomers in Legislative District 11, which has open seats in the House and Senate. So far, the club has poured more than $18,000 into the effort.

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Meanwhile, the Arizona Business...

Today, if children are asked to name several of their favorite movies, they would easily answer with foreign blockbusters, like Kung Fu Panda and The Croods.

However, few children know the movie In the Blue despite being widely recognized as a good movie for children as well as its all star cast which includes famous actress Zhang Jingchu, singer Na Ying and renowned comedian Jiang Kun.

Director Yuan Weidong thinks making movies for children is a meaningful pursuit that he should adhere to and thats why he embarked on shooting In the Blue.

The first time I shot childrens film I worked as a director. When working together with those children...

Alternative energy is a fast growing and exciting industry that promises to provide renewable, clean, and cheap electricity that will create jobs and fuel economic growth. 

US Wind Energy Production data by YCharts

Over the last decade US solar and wind generation have experienced annual growth of 20% and 31% respectively. Globally, the growth prospects for renewables are even better.

IHS estimates that through 2020 537 GW of solar installations will account for $1 trillion in new investments. Meanwhile total renewable energy spending is estimated at $200 billion/year. Investors wanting to take part in the boom have traditionally had to resort to riskier investments such...

Managing cash flow is a challenge that many small business owners dont realize can make or break a business, but streamlining the process is easier than you might think.

Many great operators who understand their industry and how to deliver for the customers don’t have an understanding of what it takes to grow, maintain or create efficiencies in their operating cycle to empower their business, said Quincy Miller, executive vice president and head of business and commercial enterprise banking sales at RBS Citizens Financial Group.

Companies that have accelerated their receivables, streamlined their banking operations and established more-advantageous payment terms and processes...

Sofia. The average amount of withdrawn funds in June 2014 was BGN 35 million a day, 24 Chasa The newspaper points out this was the month when the banking crisis around Corporate Commercial Bank and First Investment Bank (Fibank) broke.
The funds withdrawn from deposits were about BGN 16 million a day; companies and financial enterprises were withdrawing nearly BGN 19 million daily. Thus, only for a month, deposits of households and companies have decreased by a total of BGN 1.043 billion.
According to experts, part of these funds was redirected to investments in real estate, gold or other financial instruments, such...

The young co-founders of Stripe, brothers Patrick and John Collison, began the company in 2009 as a project to make accepting credit cards easier but soon saw a grander opportunity in building a better interface for the messy systems that power the digital transfer of moneya black box that makes enabling online transactions as easy as embedding a photo or video in a blog post. They werent the only ones to have the idea, but they have gained the support of the most famous names and firms in Silicon Valley, who see not just a compelling product with huge growth potential but in its founders the possibility of two Zuckerbergs for the price of one.

Stripes pitch is that it has created a kind...

Financial planning

Gary B. Hunter, a member of the Newport News School Board, has made promoting financial literacy, especially teaching students how to manage debt, a key priority.

Hunter, who is a vice president at Langley Federal Credit Union, said its important for college graduates in debt to pay off their highest interest loans first.

He also recommends exploring options for loan consolidation, if possible.

Any debt you have … its going to affect how much money you can put down on a home. Its going to affect your payment, Hunter said.

Hunter said during the height of the real estate boom many families took out home equity loans to pay for their...

Dark money is playing a big role in Arizonas primary elections, mostly showing up in the races for Secretary of State and the Arizona Corporation Commission.

This funding has been labeled dark because its impossible to divine the donors behind the groups giving the money unless they voluntarily disclose them, which theyre not.

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Here are five things you should know about dark money in the Secretary of State race.

Its all coming from one place: The Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

$385,599: the amount spent through July 22, with spending added...

WASHINGTON Electronic payments have already started helping low-income consumers manage money.

But if financial institutions, community organizations and government collaborated, they could help them so much more, according to a panel of academics, payment executives and community leaders who convened at the National Press Club July 17 to discuss new research released by J. Phillip Thompson, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The event was hosted by The Center for Financial Services Innovation and Master Your Card, MasterCards public education campaign.

Joining Thompson on the panel were Shawn Miles,...