Want to hear something a little … embarrassing?

At one point in high school, I was the captain of both the Math Club and the AV Club.

I did school plays, enjoyed a game of Magic the Gathering from time to time, spent many days building computers and many nights at LAN parties playing Starcraft with my friends.

Its safe to say I was am a Nerd.

And proud of it.

Today, however, Im a different kind of Nerd. Im a personal finance nerd.

In other words, I enjoy talking about money and what it can do. I find the entire concept of money fascinating and love to find ways to make it, spend it, invest it, hide it (legally!), multiply it and share it.


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About Infrasoft Technologies Ltd.

InfrasoftTech, a specialist financial industry software solutions provider, has close to two decades of experience in serving a cross-section of financial enterprises. Over 300+ customer sites across 32 countries helps InfrasoftTech in imbibing changing business demands and present the right-fit solution.

The flagship product suite from InfrasoftTech under the brand name OMNIEnterprise, comprises Core Banking, Anti Money Laundering, Anti Fraud, Microfinance, Financial Distribution, Wealth Management and Direct Banking Channels.

In the recent past, InfrasoftTech has successfully launched its hosted payments services and hosted mobility...

Insys Therapeutics (NASDAQ: INSY) shares are jumping following impressive third-quarter results that showed ongoing sales growth for its fentanyl opiate drug Subsys.

Subsys continuing success is yet another reason investors intrigued by the prospects of medical marijuana may want to consider Insys. Thats because growing sales provide plenty of dry powder that Insys can use to pay for research and development expenses tied to its marijuana drug pipeline.

Continuing to continue
Insys third-quarter sales of Subsys jumped 105% year over year to $58.2 million. That led to adjusted net income (after those pesky one time charges) of $0.63 per share, up from $0.39 last year.


The State Council has issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Producer Services to Promote Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading (the Opinions).

The Opinions specify that the development of producer services in China will focus on the research and design, third-party logistics, financial leasing, information technology services, energy conservation and environmental protection services, verification, testing and certification services, electronic commerce, business consulting, service outsourcing, after-sales services, human resource services, and brand building with the corresponding policies and measures in place. In respect of fiscal and taxation policies,...

Several recent corporate spin-offs in the United States have
involved real estate investment trusts (REITs).  Provided
several requirements are satisfied, including qualification of the
spun-off entity as a REIT and the spin transaction as a
tax-free spin-off, REIT spin-offs can result in significant value
to shareholders.  In these transactions, a corporation
distributes a subsidiary corporation holding real estate to the
distributing corporation#39;s shareholders in a tax-free
spin-off.  Not only is the spin-off tax-free, but the
distributed company elects REIT status and thus enjoys potentially
substantial tax savings going forward.  The Internal...

To stretch your savings through a long and vibrant retirement, take these tips from people whove done it.

The odds of enjoying a longer life are greater than ever before for many Americans. And people arent just living to more advanced ages than any previous generationtheyre also staying healthy and active longer into retirement. The idea that most of us can live a good quality of life well beyond our eighties takes most people by surprise, says Dr. Thomas Perls, director of an ongoing Boston University study of centenarians.

Thats the good news, but it comes with a big challenge: How are you going to pay for all those...

Staff from the big four firms sit on HMRC committees and write porous tax laws.

Numerous tax avoidance schemes marketed by the big four firms have been declared to be unlawful by the courts.

But this has not been followed by any government probes or prosecutions.

Anyone with such a cavalier disregard for public decency would find it hard to secure contracts for collecting rubbish, but the big firms receive public contracts from the NHS, prisons and Private Finance Initiative.

As external auditors they are responsible for auditing the accounts of financial enterprises, but have been very adept at letting the lying dogs sleep.

The UK has experienced a financial...

While the holiday season conjures thoughts of joy and family celebration, for those in credit card debt, it can be a stressful time. This year, don’t let spending and debt fears interfere with your cheer. Consider the following ways to manage and reduce your personal debts while enjoying holiday traditions.

First, Tacke Your Everyday Budget

Before you start spending, it’s important to figure out exactly where you stand financially right now. This includes assessing your current debt. You may have a general idea of what you owe, but writing it all out with dollar figures can make it real. Include everything from your mortgage and credit card to your student loans...